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No more waiting for hours for an ambulance that never comes! We will make sure we get you to a hospital as fast as possible...

Make sure you get to a hospital as quickly as possible.

In an emergency situation, should you need to get to a medical facility, we will dispatch and pay for an emergency ambulance. The aim always being getting you to the quickest, closet, most appropriate service provider.

Our network of ambulances is country wide and we utilize both private and municipal ambulances.


Not owning our own fleet ensures that our service is not limited to a specific number that are available in an area. If one provider is not available we have access to hundreds of others.

This process is case managed, making sure that you will never be alone in a situation like this, and that if one provider doesn't deliver we will make sure we get you another one who does.

We will get you the help you need as quickly as possible.

Members who have additional cover from a medical aid  medical insurance plan that will cover the cost of being taken to a private facility will be taken to one. Should a member not have any additional cover they will be taken to the closest government medical facility.