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Finally get access to a doctor at a price you can afford

Here's what you get

Package Includes:

  • 24 Hour Corona Virus Medical Line answered by doctors and nurses

  • 24 Hour Tele Medicine: Speak to a medical practitioner about any medical condition

  • Authorised GP visits anywhere in South Africa including rural areas, even use your own

  • Authorised video GP consultations if you cant/don't want to go to a doctor

  • Authorised dentist visits anywhere in South Africa 

  • FREE eye tests & R 250.00 towards glasses at a St John Eye Centre

  • Over the counter medication at any pharmacy in SA. We pay up to R 100.00 per incident, R 1000.00 per year

  • FREE ambulances to get you to a hospital

  • FREE annual flu injections

  • Trauma, bereavement & HIV Information lines

  • Pregnancy registration, Mom & baby Line

  • Call us and speak to a medial person about chronic medication & disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, nutrition, stress, sexually related questions

Questions or help signing up?

Whatsapp our team

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Click on the sign up button


Enter how many people you are signing up for. You can sign up for yourself or family and friends.

An invoice will appear with the amount you will be charged monthly. Proceed to check out.


Fill in the details of your debit card or credit card and press CHECKOUT. As soon as the payment is processed you will be signed up as a Yebo Doctor member. You will be charged the R 90.00 every month for a minimum of 12 months.

By clicking on the pay button you are accepting the terms and conditions of Yebo Doctor.

See full package and Terms & Conditions by clicking here: Full Package Description


Fill in the details of all the people who will be Yebo Doctor members. We need a you to provide full name, ID/passport number & cellphone number (Non SA Citizens may also join)

Once payment has been processed cover will begin 72 hours later & you will be notified by SMS.