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Questions & Answers

1. What benefits do Yebo Doctor Members enjoy?

You can get a full list of benefits by clicking here 


2. How many family members are covered under my membership?  

Only you are covered under your membership. Additional family members can be added at the same price you paid for membership.


3. Can I get a cover for my parents/siblings/grandparents?

Yes, you can cover any family members.


4. Does my age prevent me from becoming a member?

Age has no bearing on membership; you can be any age to join.


5. Can I sign up if I am not a South African citizen?

Yes, you can join as long as you have a passport or some form of official and valid identification.


6. Is there a waiting period after joining?

There is no waiting period, your benefits commence as soon as your membership is active.


7. When do my benefits start?

Your membership will be active within 72 hours of confirmation of registration and payment. Thereafter, you are entitled to the full suite of Yebo Doctor benefits.


8. Can I resign from the medical benefit if I am not happy?

Yes, you can.


9. What doctors are included in this package?

Private GP's within the Yebo Doctor network are included. Once authorized, no co-payment or fee is payable by you. If you choose to see your own GP who is not part of the Yebo Doctor network, we will transfer R400 to you by ewallet and you can put it toward covering the cost of your consultation. Specialist doctors are not included.


10. Where can I get a list of participating doctors and what areas are they in?

We have over 3500 private GP's on our network. Our network covers all of South Africa, including rural areas, so we will always find a doctor that is conveniently located for you.


11. Do I require a membership card or number to visit the doctor?

You do not need a membership card. All you require is your ID number and some form of photo identification when you use the services. You can also use a passport if you are not a South African citizen.


12. If I run out of funds, will I still be covered for consultations and medication?

Yebo Doctor is not a medical aid; therefore, you cannot run out of funds. Yebo Doctor allows unlimited authorized GP visits as long as you call the call centre first and the visit is authorized. Yebo Doctor pays for network-approved GP visits in full, with no further payment required from you. Additionally, Yebo Doctor contributes up to R100.00 per incident for over-the-counter medication up to R1000.00 per year. Once exhausted, you pay for further medication.



​13. Will I receive a cashback if I do not make any claims?

There is no cash back option; Yebo Doctor is not a medical aid or an insurance policy.


14. Am I entitled to monthly family planning through Yebo Doctor’s GP network, and is my monthly prescription for contraceptives covered?

Yebo Doctor does not cover family planning consults or prescription contraceptives.


15. If I have a chronic disease such as HIV, diabetes, high blood pressure, do I qualify for chronic treatment cover under the Yebo Doctor plan?

Yebo Doctor does not provide cover for chronic treatment. However, you are able to speak to a medical practitioner 24/7 about any questions or queries related to your disease.

16. Am I able to choose Specsavers when having an eye test conducted?

We have partnered with St John; therefore, eye tests covered by Yebo Doctor are only carried out at a St John’s clinic.