Doctor Examining Female Patient With Elb more waiting in long lines to see a doctor or going without care....

We pay for you to visit a doctor when you need to

When a member contacts Yebo Doctor one of the Registered Nurses will answer or reply.

After talking to the member and assessing individual needs and problems of the member the Yebo Doctor's team will recommend that the member has a face to face consultation with one of the Yebo Doctor's Network of General Practitioners (GP’s). This network is made up of over 3500 doctors based all over South Africa. This means that where ever you are, even when travelling, you will be able to see a doctor. 


Due to the Corona Virus lock down and the general concern about people moving around, we are offering members assistance with consulting a doctor via video conferencing. We have a number of doctors who are participating in this initiative and it will work as follows:


  1. When a member contacts us, we will assess the circumstances, triage the problem and where necessary authorize a doctor/GP consultation

  2. If a member should prefer a video consultation, we will arrange an appointment for the member

  3. We will arrange direct payment to the doctor

  4. Members can be provided with a script & can be referred to a laboratory for tests

  5. The doctor may refer the member for a face to face consultation if he believes that a physical examination is necessary

  6. The member will require access to a smart phone or access to a computer with WiFi/Data




  • GP Assist’s Nurses and Doctors do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe medication

  • They will direct the member to the most appropriate level of care or may put the member in contact with a health professional who can advise on the next steps

  • Referral to the Network of GP’s:

When the client is  referred to one of the GP Assist’s Network of GP’s for a consultation, the member can see the doctor at no extra cost.         




This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This benefit is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

                                                                                       (T's & C's Apply).