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Turn your phone into a panic button and get medical, roadside & home assistance

in any emergency..

Contact us at the press of a button AND you can still access the service of you have no airtime.

We can help you turn your cell phone into an emergency assistance tool for medical and other emergencies. It can also be used to get medical advice and speak to a nurse or a doctor.

If you don't have enough airtime,  you can simply send us a message via USSD. One of the Registered Nurses or Doctors will call you back within 90 seconds.


If your question requires a specialist answer, the nurse will then refer you to the doctor on call. The doctor may then recommend that you have a consultation with a GP on the Network of General Practitioners (GP’s), which are located all over South Africa.

How does it all work?

  • When you become a member of Yebo Doctor we will send a welcome SMS, The SMS will provide you with the USSD/SOS number and will also let you know to save this number as a speed dial.

  • Yebo Doctor SOS PANIC/USSD will be there to assist you 24/7 no matter where you are.


  • In any form of emergency, if you are unable to contact Yebo Doctor telephonically, you can contact the call centre by pressing the pre-programmed/speed dial number, creating a “SOS Panic Button” on the  cell phone. Our emergency call centre will then immediately contact the member by calling them back to assess their emergency needs.

    • When the panic alert arrives in our call centre, all of the member’s current location details will populate our case management system, which assists our agents in sending what ever help is required.

    • A Yebo Doctor agent will call the member within 90 seconds of our system receiving the panic alert.


Yebo Doctor will respond to any emergency by deploying the appropriate service providers, which may include police, the appropriate ambulance service and metro police or any other third party required. The call centre will act as crisis managers and will provide total care for the member, whatever their situation. With permission from the member, Yebo Doctor's agent’s will also contact a family member, colleague or friend to assist in the process where this is considered useful to the member.