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Questions & Answers

  1. If you are fired or you get new employment, will Yebo Doctor still be able to cover you?  Meaning can you still be covered if you are not employed by Servest?

Yes you can still have cover you can transfer your membership over. The cost is R 90.00 a month.

2. If I have run out of funds, will they use their own cash to cover for consultations and medication fees?

You cannot run out of funds this is not a medical aid. Yebo Doctor allows unlimited authorized GP visits as long as you call the call centre first and we authorize it. There is no additional payment required from you, Yebo Doctor pays in full. We will also contribute up to R 100.00 an incident for over the counter medication up to R 1000.00 a year. Once that is used up you will have to pay for any further medication.

3. Where can we get a list of doctors we can go to and what areas are they in?

We have over 3500 private GP's on our network. We cover every area in South Africa. We will always find a doctor for you that is close to you.

4. How many family members will be covered?  

The R 70.00 that is paid monthly covers the cost of yourself. Any additional people can be added at the same price. you can add up to 10 family members,


5. Will we receive a cashback if they did not claim or get sick with Yebo Doctor?

There is no cash back it is not a medical aid or an insurance policy.


6. Do we  receive a card or number to visit the doctor?

All you need is your ID number as well as some form of ID when you use the services. You do not need a membership card. You can also use a passport if you are not a South Africa citizen.

7. Eye test can they go to St John eye clinics.

No, we have partnered with St John and you will have to go to a St John clinic for your eye test.

8. Can they resign from the medical benefit after a time if they not happy?



9. What Doctors are included in this package?

Private GP's are included and once authorized there is no co payment or fee that you will have to pay. Specialist doctors are not included.

10. Is there any way we can get a list of Benefits?

You can get a full list of benefits by clicking here 

11. When do my benefits start?

Once you have signed the form and sent Servest your details,  they will deduct the money from your salary and you will be active from the beginning of the next month.

12. When they join is there a waiting period?

There is no waiting period

13. Will people with chronic condition have a waiting period?

No there is no waiting period and no exclusions, cover is immediate.

14. Can I get a cover for my parents/grandparents?

Yes, you can get cover for anyone.

15. Does age matter?

No age does not matter you can be any age to join.

16. Can I cover my siblings?

Yes you can.

17. Does it allow employees to do family planning through the GP’s monthly and get the prescriptions for the contraceptives?

No you cannot.


18. Will the employees living with chronic diseases i.e. HIV, Diabetes, High Blood pressure, etc. be able to treat the diseases using the Yebo Doctor plan?

No you will not get chronic medication on Yebo Doctor but you will be able to speak to a medical practitioner 24 hours a day about any questions or queries that you may related to these diseases.

19. Can I sign up if I am no a South African citizen?

Yes you can. As long as you have a passport or some form of Identification you can join.

If you have any other questions please send an email to or send a whatsapp 066 485 8940